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$0.9-$7 Each Pair

If you are a member of the team, custom sports socks can be a great way to promote your team. If you own a GYM, providing custom elite sport socks to your members would be a great idea. If you own or are about to start a sport-related brand, adding custom sport socks to your product list would be a great start.


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$ 99.8 – Free Shipping

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Price in Pair

~$ 3.99 / Pair

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how to start

Want custom personalize made socks? We've got you covered! Just send us your logo or ideas and we'll take care of everything.

1.send us your logo

Get started simply by send us your logo, and tell us some basics about your order (sock style, order quantity, etc…).

2.Revisions Or Sample

Our talented design team will review your request and prepare a sock design based on your logo.

3.On the way

We will start bulk production after your approval of the digital design. You will be notified when the socks are shipped out.
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Private Customization

With Rich Options

We are a professional socks custom factory, we provide a wealth of options to meet the different needs of customers.From design, material selection, production and packaging.
Here you will get your own custom socks

socks size length


We can produce custom logo socks in your favorite size and length. From kids to adult , We can also make socks in different lengths for your choice,Low cut socks ,Ankle socks , Quarter socks , Crew socks ,and knee high socks are all available.Welcome to customize your own socks.

variety of raw materials

We provide a variety of different materials for customers to choose, socks with different functions can get a more reasonable mix of raw materials.Custom sports socks can choose nylon and bamboo fiber as the main material.Daily dress socks can choose cotton and polyester as the main material.

Socks embroidery funny bamboo sport socks custom high quality men happy socks unisex

Choose your logo location

Different types of socks have different logo positions and size, Custom logo sports socks usually put the big logo on the calf. and small logo on the toe and sole.Some custom logo sports socks will place the logo on the front or back of the calf.Send us your logo, you will receive a satisfactory design.

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special process requirements

As a factory specializing in the production of custom sport socks, we can meet the customization needs of different customers. We can make mesh vent , reinforced cuff , terry sole and arch support and more.We can also provide grip soles for football, trampoline and yoga sports socks.

New Design Own Fashion Embroidery knitted Crew large Sock Custom Logo 100% Cotton Men Socks

different logo technical

As a professional custom sport socks factory, we can provide a variety of different logo Technical for customers to choose.In addition to common knitted logo, we can also provide customers with embroidery logo, printed logo, sewing logo, reflective logo and more.tell us which style your prefer more.

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Custom socks packaging

While providing customized socks, we can also provide customized packaging services.Use your imagination to design your unique packaging box,You can pack your custom socks into food, or other creative ideas to bring more surprises.Your customers, or members will love your socks very much.

Hot Style Show

Welcome to view our hot selling custom sport socks designs, Remember and tell us the number of the socks which you like, Then send us your logo to start customizing your own custom sport socks now !

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Custom Sport Socks

The best way to spread your
team & brand !

Custom logo sports socks are commonly used for team sport, and sold as souvenirs and promotional items at the event venue or shop.

If you are a team member, you can add your team’s logo on the socks as a unique present for your team. If you are fans of a particular team, we can make socks with your favorite team’s logo as a memento or you can sell to other fans after you received your custom sport socks.

If you work in the custom clothing or gift industry, it’s a good idea to add custom sport socks on your sales list. You can find many buyers from gyms, schools, and teams in your city.Custom logo sports socks, with good elasticity, allow people of different weights to wear them comfortably, without size problems. People consume many pairs of socks in a year, that will bring you a constant stream of orders. Either way, it sounds like a good business. So contact us right away to start customizing your own athletic socks !

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Various Custom Options

There are many different types of sports socks, as a factory specializing in socks customization, we can provide users with professional products and advice.For example, intense basketball can make our ankles and leg muscles feel uncomfortable, and the design of ankles and calves with compression can effectively promote blood circulation in the ankles and calves to reduce the risk of injury.

Textile technique for custom sport socks: Provide better sports experience, Airmesh instep for breathability; arch support for better circulation; terry sole for better cushioning. These can help your sport team get a better experience and performance.

Different material for custom sport socks: We offer different textile materials to meet various functional needs.Cotton yarn can keep you warm and absorb sweat well.Nylon yarn can make socks more durable.Lycra yern can make socks very stretchy.Bamboo fiber can keep your feet dry for a longer period of time…

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What is the difference between custom sports socks and regular knitted socks

The differences between customised sports socks and regular knitted socks are as follows:

  1. Design and materials: sports socks are designed to be more comfortable and supportive, often using softer and more breathable materials. While regular knitted socks are more colourful and design-oriented. There is no special requirement on the material.
  2. Uses: Customised sports socks are usually designed to be used for various types of sports, including running, swimming, basketball, football, etc. As a result, they usually contain more technology and materials to enhance comfort and performance. Regular knit socks, on the other hand, are usually used for everyday wear rather than specific sporting occasions.
  3. Comfort: Customised sports socks are designed to provide extra support and comfort as they are often worn for up to several hours. Regular knitted socks, on the other hand, focus more on colour, design and personality. So when it comes to comfort, they are not as cosy as sports socks.
  4. Sizing: Customised sports socks are designed to fit a wide range of different foot shapes and sizes, so they are usually available in a wider range of sizes. Regular knit socks, on the other hand, are usually more practical and versatile, so there are fewer sizes available!
  5. Moisture wicking: customised sports socks often include extra moisture wicking breathable features to help sweat evaporate and keep feet dry. Reduces foot ailments. Regular socks do not usually have these features.

There are significant differences between customised sports socks and regular socks in terms of design and materials, usage, comfort, size and breathability. When choosing socks, you should consider your needs and uses in order to select the most suitable socks. Avoid the act of replacing sports socks with ordinary socks to avoid accidents.

What are the main characteristics of sports socks

For sports enthusiasts, sports socks should never be confused with everyday socks. As the only intermediary between the foot and the shoe, sports socks have to fulfil several major needs of the foot:


  • Professional sports socks with thickened terry on the whole palm allow the feet to avoid abrasion and blisters, greatly enhancing the sports experience.

-Breathable and not stuffy

  • Sports socks are made of breathable material at the instep, and mesh design, more breathable than ordinary socks, summer sports wear will not appear stuffy feet situation

-Wrapped & Anti Slip

  • Comfortable wrapping, can firmly fit the arch of the foot, non-slip rubber can guarantee that the movement process will not be shifted phenomenon, to provide more stable protection for all sportsmen.

Customised sports socks are tailored to the specific activity behaviours and activity environments of different sports and will be adjusted in various details, such as material, length, thickness, etc., to achieve the best possible assistive effect.

How to choose the right pair of sports socks?

No sport should be done barefoot in trainers, even if it’s just a 10-minute hike. Finding blood blisters on your feet at the end of a ballgame or a gym class is an important reason to wear socks that don’t fit properly, in addition to the possibility of ill-fitting shoes.

Sports Socks Buying Tips

  • In the choice of material, choose cotton polyester blended material. Cotton material is soft, absorbent, the disadvantage is that the cotton material is not very good moisture, cotton fibre wet, dry very slowly. And not wear-resistant, after adding polyester, it can be very good to improve this problem.
  • Corresponding sports wear corresponding sports socks. Such as football, socks will need non-slip grip, and long size, the purpose is to protect the calf and non-slip, the movement must not be ignored.
  • Athletic socks should have good elasticity. Socks with good elasticity fit the skin and do not slip. Socks with bad elasticity will have fibre clumping after washing, resulting in deformation of the socks, unevenness in all parts, and people will feel abrasion of the feet during exercise.
  • Sports socks are not the thicker the better. Depending on the specific circumstances to decide to choose thin or thick, in general, feet easy to sweat people, it is appropriate to choose a slightly thicker; on the contrary, choose a slightly thinner. Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick to affect the feeling of the feet, so buy a slightly thinner. In addition, if you have ankle injuries, you should wear thick socks, which can play a role in fixing and protecting your ankles.

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Are you preparing to get into the customized clothing and gift business ? Are you looking for a factory with stable quality and timely delivery? Do you need dropshipping services, But you don’t want your buyer to know where you sourcing from.?

Don’t worry !!! Just tell us ,We can ship under your company info or name. We can provide the outer packing carton printed with your company logo and information on, it will look like you packed it by yourself. Any information about us will be hidden.Our address and company information will not show on courier form, just a clean address.Your own customers will be well protected. We can be your most reliable virtual factory, providing you with reliable production and high-quality custom logo sport socks.You just need to focus on your business and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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If I Just Want To Start In 1 Pairs. Is It Ok?

Yes, Of Course .Welcome To Send Us About Your Idea. Then We Will Discuss The Price With You. Usually The Samples Will Be Ready Within 7 Days. There Will Be Exception If There Are Special Design Requirements.

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How Long Can I Get My Socks?

If the order quantity is less than 1000 pairs, it usually takes 6-12 days to complete the production, Then it takes 3-5 days to complete the express delivery.

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Can You Customize The Packaging Box Socks?

Of course, in addition to customizing the socks themselves, we also provide various packaging customization services, and the minimum order quantity for packaging is not high.

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Do You Have Any Discount ?

Yes,We do ! all the order can enjoy the factory price. But more discount depends on the quantity.

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