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Custom crew Socks

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Custom crew socks, also known as mid-calf socks, are one of the most popular socks on the market today, with a variety of personalized quirky designs ranging from classic striped polka dot designed business socks to graffiti, cartoon and anime character designed fashionable hip socks. As long as you can think of, we can help you complete the design. Come and contact us!


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how to start

Want custom personalize made socks? We've got you covered! Just send us your logo or ideas and we'll take care of everything.

1.send us your logo

Get started simply by send us your logo, and tell us some basics about your order (sock style, order quantity, etc…).

2.Revisions Or Sample

Our talented design team will review your request and prepare a sock design based on your logo.

3.On the way

We will start bulk production after your approval of the digital design. You will be notified when the socks are shipped out.
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Private Customization

With Rich Options

We are a professional custom crew socks factory, we provide a wealth of options to meet the different needs of customers.From design, material selection, production and packaging.Here you will get your own custom socks

socks size length


We can produce custom crew socks in your favorite size & length. From kids to adult , We can also make socks in different lengths for your choice,Low cut socks ,Ankle socks , Quarter socks , Crew socks ,and knee high socks are all available.Welcome to customize your own socks.-

variety of raw materials

We provide a variety of different materials for customers to choose, socks with different functions can get a more reasonable mix of raw materials.Custom crew socks can choose nylon and bamboo fiber as the main material.Daily dress socks can choose cotton and polyester as the main material.

Socks embroidery funny bamboo sport socks custom high quality men happy socks unisex

Choose your logo location

Different types of socks have different logo positions and size, Custom crew socks usually put the big logo on the front,side or back of the calf .And your logo or text can be on the bottom of the socks with the silicone grip! The shape of the rubber grip can be customized according to your requirements.

Custom Logo Fashion Woman Socks Funny Cartoon Embroidery Dinosaur Spring And Autumn Warm Happy Woman Socks

special process requirements

As a factory specializing in the production of custom crew socks, we can meet the customization needs of different customers. We can make mesh vent , reinforced cuff , terry sole and arch support and more.We can also provide grip soles for football, trampoline and yoga sports socks.

New Design Own Fashion Embroidery knitted Crew large Sock Custom Logo 100% Cotton Men Socks

different logo technical

As a professional custom crew socks factory, we can provide a variety of different logo Technical for customers to choose.In addition to common knitted logo, we can also provide customers with embroidery logo, printed logo, sewing logo, reflective logo and more.tell us which style your prefer more.

OEM designer custom made design logo sports socks funny pattern Gift box socks Breathable High quality crew cotton socks

Custom socks packaging

While providing customized socks, we can also provide customized packaging services.Use your imagination to design your unique packaging box,You can pack your custom socks into food, or other creative ideas to bring more surprises.Your customers, or members will love your socks very much.

Hot Style Show

Welcome to view our hot selling custom crew socks designs, Remember and tell us the number of the socks which you like, Then send us your logo to start customizing your own socks now !

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Custom crew Socks

Fashionable mid-calf socks with versatile temperament for women,men,grils etc.

The role of mid-calf socks and not only in the modification of the leg shape, so that autumn and winter collocation looks more layered, in fact, also lies in the application of layers for the colour aspect,. You can take advantage of a variety of wonderful clashing colours to make colour mixing easy. Take the most common autumn sweatshirt, sweatshirt of the common collision of colours, can correspond to the colour of the mid-calf socks respectively.
Such an echo of the top and bottom, so that the overall collocation of modelling a more harmonious sense, but also increase the modelling of the sense of hierarchy and the sense of atmosphere.

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wholesale oem designer custom design your own logo men crew sports socks custom bamboo cotton black sock for man
Wholesale OEM designer cotton socks unisex manufacturer men logo custom sports socks suppliers

want custom crew socks?

Try our professional and customized socks services!

Here we use custom crew socks as an example. After getting your requirements, we will analyze your customer's audience according to your requirements, determine a suitable main color, and then match with some auxiliary colors, and put your logo or slogan in the suitable position, for example, the cuff position can be put on the logo, or slogan, the instep can be added with breathable mesh, and so on. After finishing the drawing design, you can choose to confirm or make changes. When all the design details are confirmed. We will start the sample socks production, after the physical socks are made, you can mail to confirm the samples, or pictures and videos to confirm. After the sample socks are also confirmed correctly, we will organize the production as soon as possible for our bulk orders. Depending on the quantity, the production time will be different. Normally, it takes about 25-35 days for 50,000 pairs socks to complete the production and quality control and packaging.
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Bright colours and personalised designs crew socks for who?

  1.  Fashion Trend Seekers: These people have a keen sense of fashion and like to try new and unique clothing combinations. Fashionable colourful mid-calf socks can add highlights to their look, showing their individuality, charm and fashionable attitude.
  2. Young People and Students: Young people and students are usually more daring to experiment and express themselves, they pursue individuality and vitality. Fashionable colourful mid-calf socks in a variety of colours and patterns can meet their needs for individuality and uniqueness.
  3. Art Workers or Creative Practitioners: these people usually have rich artistic aesthetics and creative thinking, they are good at blending different elements together to create unique art works or designs. Fashionable colourful mid-calf socks can provide them with a source of inspiration and creativity, which is in line with their professional characteristics.
  4. Specific Occasions or Festive Dress Up: in specific festivals, parties or events, wearing fashionable colourful mid-calf socks can add festive atmosphere and fun, make the overall look more colorful.

It should be noted that although fashionable coloured mid-calf socks are suitable for the above people, everyone has a different aesthetic and style. When choosing, you should select according to your own preferences and the needs of the occasion to ensure the comfort of wearing and the co-ordination of the overall look. It is also important to choose mid-calf socks that match your skin tone and clothing colour to achieve the best visual effect.

How to look better with trendy crew socks with shoes

-Colourful Crew Socks + White Shoes

  • White shoes are never a headache to wear, the classic black, white and grey, three colours are not bad, but always a little less taste. At this time, we can try brightly coloured custom crew socks, for example, cute cartoon style, a wide variety of fruit theme, and no colour constraints on the print socks are a good choice.

-Fashion Crew Socks + Sport Shoes

  • Sports shoes have never been one of the versatile shoes that can be worn with any type of trousers, clothes, however this this creates, socks will not be highlighted and difficult to be favoured. This is where we can create a contrast with the whole body look. This technique is applicable when the top, trousers and shoes are in the same style or colour, wear a pair of socks that are different from them as a highlight.

-Striped Crew Socks + Leather Shoes

  • This kind of wear from Sweden’s happy socks, the main “colour”, cartoon, stripes, polka dots, prints and other bold and gorgeous colour scheme to make its products to break the traditional European suits with monotonous “black, white and grey” socks style of dress. It is a fashionable trend-setter in the fashion world.

-Personalised Crew Socks + Canvas Shoes

  • Canvas shoes are a type of casual footwear that is on fire all over the world. So how to match socks to avoid mediocrity and show your personality. Custom crew socks can be a great solution to this problem. Whether it’s logo text or, graphics + characters. All can be designed according to your ideas.

Compared with the plain socks, the colourful socks are a change from the heavy and dull black, white and grey socks, which are favoured by the young people of today. If you are interested in our custom crew socks, please contact us for more information.

What makes our custom crew socks different

-Customisation is Not Limited To Sock Designs

  • In addition to the usual personalised colours, logos and text, we can also create more in-depth customised designs according to the purpose of use, e.g. gift socks with packaging, souvenir beer socks for Oktoberfests etc.

-High-Quality Material Selection

  • We can provide any material that is commercially available. All materials comply with European environmental certificates.

-More Size Options

  • Most of the socks on the market follow several sizes such as Euro, US and UK. These regular sizes may not necessarily fit everyone. As a professional sock manufacturer, our custom crew socks provide some non-standard socks. Welcome your enquiry anytime!

-Increased Functionality

  • Daily wear custom crew socks are the most functional regular socks, on top of that, we can help you add, such as grip ,anti-slip, breathable warmth, increased compression capacity, etc.

-Multiple Process Options

  • The common process for regular socks is the knitting process, in addition, we can also provide embroidery , printing , grip cover.

Full range of custom crew socks

Customize everything you want.

Here you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional sock design methods and ideas. Let your imagination run wild, whether it’s heat sublimation socks, 360 printed socks, or traditional knitted socks, embroidered socks. Or girp socks, reflective socks, fluorescent socks, which are all the rage nowadays. You can make any combination you want.Then our professional sock designers will analyze the information and give us a reasonable design plan, up to now we have designed and produced more than 10,000+ socks with different patterns and logos. Try it now, our customized socks can be opened with 30 pairs of customized socks. Contact us for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions?

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If I Just Want To Start In 1 Pairs. Is It Ok?

Yes, Of Course .Welcome To Send Us About Your Idea. Then We Will Discuss The Price With You. Usually The Samples Will Be Ready Within 7 Days. There Will Be Exception If There Are Special Design Requirements.

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How Long Can I Get My Socks?

If the order quantity is less than 1000 pairs, it usually takes 6-12 days to complete the production, Then it takes 3-5 days to complete the express delivery.

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Can You Customize The Packaging Box Socks?

Of course, in addition to customizing the socks themselves, we also provide various packaging customization services, and the minimum order quantity for packaging is not high.

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Do You Have Any Discount ?

Yes,We do ! all the order can enjoy the factory price. But more discount depends on the quantity.

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